We are the Language and Multimodal Processing Group at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen. Our recent work includes representation learning for multilingual and multimodal data, resource creation, and language modelling.


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Research Areas

Pixel Language Models

We are developing language models that can process any written language.

Retrieval Augmentation

Retrieval augmentation of multimodal models for image captioning.

Multilingual Multimodality

Design, understand, and evaluate multimodality in multilingual models

Recent Publications

Text Rendering Strategies for Pixel Language Models.
Jonas F. Lotz, Elizabeth Salesky, Phillip Rust, and Desmond Elliott.
Proceedings of EMNLP.
Evaluating Bias and Fairness in Gender-Neutral Pretrained Vision-and-Language Models.
Laura Cabello, Emanuele Bugliarello, Stephanie Brandl, and Desmond Elliott.
Proceedings of EMNLP.
PHD: Pixel-Based Language Modeling of Historical Documents.
Nadav Borenstein, Phillip Rust, Desmond Elliott, and Isabelle Augenstein.
Proceedings of EMNLP.
Visual Prediction Improves Zero-Shot Cross-Modal Machine Translation.
Tosho Hirasawa, Emanuele Bugliarello, Desmond Elliott, and Mamoru Komachi.
Proceedings of WMT.
LMCap: Few-shot Multilingual Image Captioning by Retrieval Augmented Language Model Prompting.
Rita Ramos, Bruno Martins, and Desmond Elliott.
Findings of ACL.
SmallCap: Lightweight Image Captioning Prompted With Retrieval Augmentation.
Rita Ramos, Bruno Martins, Desmond Elliott, and Yova Kementchedjhieva.
Proceedings of CVPR.
Language Modelling with Pixels.
Phillip Rust, Jonas F. Lotz, Emanuele Bugliarello, Elizabeth Salesky, Miryam Lhoneux, and Desmond Elliott.
Proceedings of ICLR. Notable Top 5% Paper.
Cleaner Categories Improve Object Detection and Visual-Textual Grounding.
Davide Rigoni, Desmond Elliott, and Stella Frank.
Image Analysis.
Retrieval-augmented Image Captioning.
Rita Ramos, Desmond Elliott, and Bruno Martins.
Proceedings of EACL.
MultiFin: A Dataset for Multilingual Financial NLP.
Rasmus Jørgensen, Oliver Brandt, Mareike Hartmann, Xiang Dai, Christian Igel, and Desmond Elliott.
Findings of EACL.


Desmond Elliott
Assistant Professor

Graduate Students

Rita Ramos
Rita Ramos
Ph.D Fellow
(co-advised with Bruno Martins)
Wenyan Li
Ph.D Fellow
(co-advised with Anders Søgaard)
Jonas F. Lotz
Jonas F. Lotz
Ph.D Fellow
(co-advised with Christian Igel)


Stella Frank University of Copenhagen
Bruno Martins Instituto Superior Técnico
CoAStaL University of Copenhagen


Emanuele Bugliarello Ph.D 2023. Now Research Scientist at Google
Emiel van Miltenburg PhD 2018. Now at Tilburg University.
Xiang Dai Postdoc. Now Research Scientist at CSIRO Data61
Elham Pezhhan Digitaliseringskonsulent at Thisted Kommune
Mitja Nikolaus Now Ph.D Fellow at Aix-Marseille University